Tony Blair, special envoy to the Knightsbridge Armani store

by Sune Haugbolle.

Kul ‘am wa intu bikhair! In these war times it is nice to know that we have skilled diplomats who work day and night to secure a ceasefire. Thanks to Mark Farha for allerting me to the story.

Tony Blair, special envoy to the Middle East, has been spending Christmas and New Year with his family, only arriving in his Jerusalem office on Saturday, just in time to watch the land invasion from a safe distance. 

“For at least part of the time he was in London, where he was spotted at a special private opening of the Armani store in Knightsbridge,” the Daily Mail reports

“Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said: ‘People in the Middle East are entitled to ask themselves, “Where is Tony Blair?”

“‘So far he has been conspicuous by his absence.'”

“In a weekend interview, Gordon Brown was asked if he had talked to his predecessor since the crisis began. He replied: ‘Tony’s on holiday at the moment.'”

Well, with hard work he has put in in 2008, he must have badly needed one. 

More Gaza related entries soon. In the meantime, I recommend the commentaries by Robert Fisk here and here, and Glenn Greenwald here and here.

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  1. I don’t know if I feel better with having Sarko and co around here (Ramallah)… I saw Kouchener and him kissing Livni goodbye on the cheeks, which I thought said a world about them and the kind of society they are (diplomatically, of course) used to mingle in.

  2. Dear Sune,

    I have gathered as many relevant news sources, op-eds and expert commentaries (from professors of law, ME studies, international relations and political science) as I could find, which will save you a lot of browsing-time.

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