CUMINet stands for Copenhagen University Middle East and Islam Network.

The aim of CUMINet is to introduce Danish scholars working on ‘the modern Muslim world’ to an international audience. ‘The modern Muslim world’ is chosen in lack of an all-encompassing term for contemporary issues related to the peoples and countries of the Middle East (incl. Iran and Turkey), North Africa (incl. the Sahel and Somalia), Central Asia (incl. Afghanistan) and the Muslim-majority countries of South and Southeast Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia). Included in this term are also discussions of Muslim minorities in Europe as well as non-Muslim minorities within the Muslim world.

CUMINet is an independent collective enterprise run and edited by the contributors. The target group for the blog includes students and scholars and secondarily of journalists, writers, opinion-makers, politicians, NGO associates, international organizations and, in general, anyone with an interest for the issues covered by the blog. Written in English, the blog caters to an international audience, and we will strive to create bonds with research networks and communities in North America, Europe, the Middle East ad beyond.

The blog can encompass diverse writings such as: op-eds, news analyses and presentations of academic projects, surveys and findings; links to news, discussions in other forums and items on other blogs; and announcements of lectures, public debates, cultural activities and publications. The blog can also host audio-visual content such as recorded lectures and streaming clips from radio or TV programs. By striving towards an open form, cross-disciplinary and comparative perspectives and, most importantly, free thinking, blog topics can include politics, culture, religion, anthropology, sociology and language – as long as the geographical and historical focus is kept.

The blog contributors shares a common background at The University of Copenhagen and ToRS, the ‘New Islamic Public Space’ research unit and the Research School for Regional Studies. However, CUMINet is an independent project in the sense that each contributor is responsible for his/her writings and that each post is representing the view of the contributor and not that of the university or its departments.

We hope that you will enjoy CUMINet and participate in the emerging discussions by using the comment function.


The CUMINet team.

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  1. We are linking later today to your piece on Miliband’s visit to Damascus on the Los Angeles Times’ Middle East blog (www.latimes.com/babylon). Would you add our blog to your blogroll and we will add your website to ours?

    Thank you.

  2. Yes of course! I will add you to our blogroll now.

    Rasmus Elling.

  3. how could we send you a small piece on bahaism in Iran?

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