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Western companies helped Iranian intelligence

by Rasmus Christian Elling

I don’t normally post on a single article, but this one deserves its own spot. This is just one of so many frustrating, disgusting and depressing news coming out of the post-election unrest in Iran.

Wall Street Journal reports that ‘Iran’s Web Spying Aided by Western Technology‘. Just look at this quote:

“Nokia Siemens Networks provided equipment to Iran last year under the internationally recognized concept of “lawful intercept,” said Mr. Roome. That relates to intercepting data for the purposes of combating terrorism, child pornography, drug trafficking and other criminal activities carried out online, a capability that most if not all telecom companies have, he said.”

Remember that all protesters have been labelled ‘terrorists’ by several Iranian authorities.

If this report is true, Nokia Siemens and several other European companies have Iranian blood on their hands.