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Victims of clampdown so far

by Rasmus Christian Elling.

I have received several lists of journalists, intellectuals, reformists and protesters detained so far. I cannot personally verify such lists, but I have seen these same persons mentioned in many reports – and the first list is from a trusted source. However: it is possible that some of the persons have already been released (it seems as if the tactic is to arrest some key people, then release them shortly after and picking up others); and it is, anyway, certain that there are many others who are not yet on this list. Thus, many of the ‘normal’ protesters are generally not mentioned on these lists.

First list.

Source: Human Rights activists in Iran.

Sa‘id Hajjariyan (member of the reformist party Islamic Iran’s Participation Front’s central committee, known as the theoretician of the reformist movement under Khatami; in 2000 he was shot in the head by an assailant and is today disabled)

Mohammad Atrianfar (founding member of the Executives of Construction Party, a Rafsanjani-related ‘centrist’/reformist group, former editor-in-chief of Hamshahri newspaper, has held various government positions)

Mohsen Aminzadeh (chief of the reformist coalition that backed Musavi in the presidential elections; was among the activists during the US embassy hostage crisis, founding member of the Participation Front)

Mostafa Tajzadeh (member of the Participation Front’s central committee, member of the Islamic Revolution’s Mojahedin [not to be confused with the terror group MEK], worked in Khatami’s government)

Abdollah Ramezanzadeh (former spokesman of Khatami’s government, former governor of Kurdistan province, member of Participation Front’s central committee)

Mohammad-Ali Abtahi (reformist cleric, reknown blogger, advisor to Khatami, supporter of Karubi in this election)

Behzad Nabavi (member of Islamic Revolution’s Mojahedin, former government advisor, former MP, then rejected by Guardian Council)

Mohsen Mir-Damadi (Chief secretary of the Participation Front, former MP and chief of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in the parliament, rejected by Guardian Council)

Mohsen Safa‘i Farahani (former president of Football Association, key member of Participation Front; Ahmadinejad apparently accused Farahani in one of the TV duels)

Hedayatollah Aqa‘i (member of Executives of Construction party, Musavi-supporter)

Davud Soleymani (member of Participation Front’s central committee, former MP, rejected by Guardians Council)

Ali Tajerniya (member of Musavi’s campaign’s Tehran office, member of Participation Front, former MP)

Jahanbakhsh Khanjani (former spokesman of Khatami’s Interior Ministry, member of Executives of Construction, active in Musavi’s campaign)

Mohammad Tavassoli (first Tehran mayor after the revolution, member of Nehzat-e âzâdi, The Freedom Movement of Iran’s central committee)

Ahmad Zeidabadi (journalist, chief secretary of Advâr-e Tahkim alumni organization, Karubi supporter)

Sa‘id Leylaz (expert of economy during Khatami’s presidency, Musavi supporter)

Abdolfattah Soltani (human rights lawyer, member of the Association for Human Rights Defenders)

Mohammad Quchani (editor-in-chief of E‘temâd-e melli daily, which is Karubi’s National Trust Party’s organ)

Shahab Tabataba‘i (chief of the campaign office for Youth Supporting Musavi)

Bahman Ammu‘i (journalist, reformist author)

Zhila Bani-Ya‘qub (journalist, reformist author, womens rights activist)

Keyvan Samimi (manager of Nâme monthly, one of the religious-nationalist activists (melli-mazhhabi)

Abdolreza Tajik (political activist, journalist, close to religious-nationalist forces and The Freedom Movement of Iran)

Mahsa Amrabadi (journalist at E‘temâd-e melli)

Mohammad-Reza Jala‘ipur (spokesman for Puyesh, a pro-Musavi campaign, son of Hamid-Reza Jala‘ipur, who is a reknown reformist intellectual)

Somayyeh Towhidloo (sociology expert, political activist, pro-Musavi blogger)

Ebrahim Yazdi (secretary-general of the Freedom Movement of Iran, former minister of foreign affairs, was arrested in hospital, taken away, and then – reportedly – again hospitalized)

Abdollah Mo‘meni (secretary of The Office to Consolidate Unity [Daftar-e tahkim-e vahdat], Iran’s largest student organization)

Behzad Bashu & Seyyed Khalil Mir-Ashrafi (journalists)

Haniyeh Yusefian (arrested during protests)

Ruhollah Shahvar (Mashhad), Masha‘allah Heydarzadeh, Hamideh Mahozi, Amanollah Shoja‘i, Hosein Shokuhi (Bushehr), Mojtaba Purhasan (Rasht) (all journalists)

Shiva Nazar-Ahari (human rights activist, arrested two days after elections)

Amir Ariyazand, Ali Purkheyri, Shahin Nurbakhsh, Mohammad Shokuhi, Ashkan Mojalali, Meysam Varahchehr, Sa‘id Nurmohammadi, Ali Taqipur (all members of Participation Front)

Ali Vefqi, Hamze Ghalebi, Sa‘id Nik-Khah, Ehsan Bakeri, Homa‘i, Fattahi, Zakeri (all members of Musavi’s Tehran campaign offices)

Maziyar Bahari (NY-based journalist, arrested in Tehran)

Hosein Zaman (pop singer)

Atefeh Nabavi and Mostafa Nabavi (politically active students)

Naseh Faridi (former secretary of Tarbiyate Modares University’s Islamic Student Association, human rights activist)

Maryam Ameri (member of Karubi’s election campaign office)

Zia‘od-Din Nabavi (secretary of The Council for the Defense of the Right to Study)

Second list (with many overlaps)

Source: Reporters Without Borders (www.rsf.org)
“Twenty-three journalists have been arrested in the week since the presidential election results :
14 June:
Somayeh Tohidloo, who also keeps a blog (http://smto.ir)
Ahmad Zeydabadi
Kivan Samimi Behbani
Abdolreza Tajik
Mahssa Amrabad
Behzad Basho, a cartoonist
Khalil Mir Asharafi, a TV producer
Karim Arghandeh, a blogger (http://www.futurama.ir/) and reporter for pro-reform newspapers Salam, Vaghieh and Afaghieh, who was arrested at his Tehran home.
Shiva Nazar Ahari (see her blog: http://azadiezan.blogspot.com).

15 June:
Mohamad Atryanfar, the publisher of several newspapers including Hamshary, Shargh and Shahrvand Emrouz, who has reportedly been taken to the security wing of Evin prison.
Saeed Hajjarian, the former editor of the newspaper Sobh-e-Emrouz, who was arrested at his Tehran home on the night of 15 June despite being badly handicapped.
Mojtaba Pormohssen, who edits the newspaper Gylan Emroz and contributes to several other pro-reform newspapers and radio Zamaneh. He was arrested in the northern city of Rasht.

16 June:
Mohammad Ali Abtahi, also known as the “Blogging Mullah,” who was arrested at his Tehran home. His blog: http://www.webneveshteha.com/.
Hamideh Mahhozi, arrested in the southern city of Bushehr.
Amanolah Shojai, who is also a blogger. Arrested in Bushehr.
Hossin Shkohi, who works for the weekly Paygam Jonob. Arrested in Bushehr.
Mashalah Hidarzadeh, arrested in Bushehr.
17 June:
Saide Lylaz, a business reporter for the newspaper Sarmayeh, who had been very critical of Ahmadinejad’s policies. He was arrested at his Tehran home.

Rohollah Shassavar, a journalist based in the city of Mashad.

18 June:
Mohammad Ghochani, the editor of Etemad Meli.

20 June:
Jila Baniyaghoob, editor of website Canon Zeman Irani (http://irwomen.net),
Bahaman Ahamadi Amoee,
Ali Mazroui, the head of the Association of Iranian Journalists.”

[end of quote]

Possible additions to these list:

Majid Dorri / Dari (?) (student activist)

Allegedly released:

Fa‘ezeh Hashemi (Rafsanjani’s daughter)