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Unrest in Urumqi

by Rasmus Christian Elling.

There were riots in parts of the provincial capital Urumqi in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province today. It appears members of the Muslim ethnic group the Uyghurs rallied against the Chinese government. Now listen to the official response:

“Echoing the assertions made by Xinjiang CCP Chairman Nur Bekri in a televised and delayed speech just an hour ago, the demonstrations were a criminal action organized by outside forces, in particular Rebiya Kadeer and the World Uyghur Congress.”

Does this rhetoric sound familiar? The next part certainly does:

“Nur Bekri went on to assert that QQ, social messaging software popular in China, and other forms of unrestricted on-line communication helped to organize the actions.”

I highly recommend The New Dominion, where they’re following events.